2pure partner with Myagi 24/10/2018

2pure is pleased to announce a new partnership with Myagi, the online training platform for retailers and their staff.

Founded in 2013, Myagi is designed to help retailers improve customer service and drive sales on the shop floor by offering targeted product knowledge for front-line sales associates through their own connected devices, to supplement the in-store visits of the 2pure area managers. Retailers with existing 2pure accounts will be granted access to a growing number of brands within the Active and Cycle categories from the Edinburgh-based distributor’s broad portfolio, including Compressport, Body Glide and POC.

Benefits to the retailer include direct access to a brand’s training library, which can be implemented store wide in minutes, through user-friendly, engaging content accessed directly on the smartphones and tablets of staff. There is no cost to the retailer (a Pro plan with additional features is available) and no cap on the how many staff can access the lessons, allowing all staff to view 2pure brand content which is easily understandable, quick to complete, and readily usable.

2pure Senior Brand Manager, Mark Downie said “with a growing portfolio of brands, coupled with a strong network of retailers throughout the UK and Ireland, an online training platform ensures we can reach all of our customers with the latest tech and product knowledge from existing brands, or convey key messages immediately when we launch a new brand. For this, Myagi is the perfect platform to keep staff up to date and gives them the tools to drive sales.”

Retailers can register interest by contacting their area manager or can find out more by getting in touch.

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Eóin Lennon OCC Race Report 2018 17/09/2018

Chamonix and its surrounding valley in the shadow of Mont Blanc always has a distinctive draw to runners, especially during UTMB week at the end of August. One of the shorter races during the week-long ‘world summit of trail running’ is the OCC, starting in Orsières in Switzerland, through Champex-Lac and finishing in France in the streets of Chamonix. My plan for 2018 had been to focus on relatively shorter races and try to utilise speed built through cross-country and marathon training earlier in the year, so putting an entry in the ballot for 56km OCC seemed like the right option (other races vary from 100km to 170km, and even the multi day 300km+ PTL).

Aside from 2 weeks enforced rest in July with a tweaked back (changing shoes of all things), preparation for the race had been great, with strong runs at the Ben Rinnes Highland Games, and the Glenshee 9 race. I managed to get through the days leading up to the race without spending too much time (or money) in the UTMB expo, and resisting the urge to eat too much ice cream so I was fairly relaxed as Thursday approached. An early morning bus journey through twisting Alpine passes delivered us to the start line where runners gathered in the narrow streets of Orsières – a little too crammed as I had to apologise in my best French as I tried to squeeze past hundreds of runners towards the head of the race. I could only battle through so many selfie sticks and started the race well down the field, so after a slightly rushed first mile meant I was able to work my way up to 13th position by the first checkpoint, 10km in at Champex-Lac. After a long descent from Champex, with a few sub-6 min/miles for good measure, we began the first major climb to La Giète as a fairly sizeable pack. I lost a few positions on this climb as the real mountain goats skipped away, but managed to really push the steep, technical descent in to Trient, at 25km with 1795m+ of climbing. Happy with how I was able to hammer the descents and stride out on the flats I was being conscious of hydration and food intake beginning the 2nd major climb of 625m to Les Tseppes. Again, I slipped back a few positions on this climb, and after a run-in with a rather large cow on the aptly named Alp Bovine, I settled in to a good rhythm on the long descent to Vallorcine and edged back in to the top 20. After a few lemon wedges (don’t ask) and some coke, I felt good leaving the Vallorcine aid station beginning the long drag up to Col de Montets and eventually Argentière, the penultimate checkpoint at 45km and 2860m+, picking up a few places on the way thanks to some flatter and runnable sections. The eventual ladies winner, Ruth Croft left the checkpoint just behind and we ran together and chatted up the long 5km climb up to La Flégère before descending 8km flat out to the finish at Chamonix. I have run this descent numerous times, but not with 50km in my legs, but it was a case of letting fly and trying to catch the 2 runners who were only minutes ahead. Didn’t manage to reel them in (thanks in part to the new road crossings!), but ultimately, I was happy to finish the 56km/3486m+course in 17th (5h52m). Felt a little worse for wear after finishing, but nothing a few cups of tea and plenty of pizza couldn’t fix!

A good result for my final focus race, and a decent end to a great year of racing, with lots of positive boxes ticked, including achieving goals of top 10 in Scottish XC, a 2.29 marathon, and top 20s at both World Long Distance champs and OCC. Enjoying a bit more cycling now, before some final fell races & relays, and the cross-country season begins. I’ll also plan 2019 with my coach, and 2Pure ambassador, Paul Giblin (@pyllon) – more long weekends of training and racing in Europe, as I plan to target the Skyrunning series, and potentially another road marathon.

My role within 2Pure allows me fortunate access to a lot of great kit, much of which I used during training and racing at OCC, including:

Top: Compressport Black Edition Training Tee

  • I’m a big fan of these t-shirts, they feel and look great and with a close fit it’s a comfortable top for wearing under a race vest.

Shorts: Compressport Trail Under Control Shorts

  • My go-to shorts for long days out, supremely comfortable and really supportive for routes with long, hard descents, helping to reduce soreness in quads and glutes post-race.

Jacket: Compressport Thunderstorm 10/10 Black Edition

  • While not required during the race, I have been using this super lightweight in training as the weather has been changing and commutes are getting wetter. Extremely comfortable, breathable and weighing only 99g it’s the perfect racing jacket, and is UTMB-approved.

Socks: Feetures Light Cushion Mini Crew

  • I really like the new colourful styles for this season, Feetures socks have just the right amount of compression, they’re seamless and wicking. Light cushion is my preference for weight, but thinner (Ultralight) and thicker (Max Cushion) styles are available

Pack: Nathan Vapor Krar 4L / Compressport Free Belt Pro

  • I use the slightly larger 12L version of this pack almost every day running to/from work, the material used and fit of both packs is snug and comfortable with no movement or bouncing – there wasn’t a huge amount of mandatory kit, so the 4L pack was more than capable of fitting all the kit required. I paired this with the super stretchy Free Belt Pro so I could quickly access my cup at aid stations, and stow chews, pulps and rubbish with ease. (I normally use this Belt for carrying full hill racing kit, with zero movement or chafing compared to normal bum-bags)

Nutrition: Honey Stinger Chews & Waffles / Mule Bar Fruit Pulp / Run Gum

  • I eat far too many of these waffles, they’re just so good! The chews are great for a quick boost, and the fruit pulps are easily digestible and can be stowed with their screw top so they’re not as messy as gels can be. I chewed a few pieces of Run Gum (watch this space) for a little caffeine boost before the final technical descent.

Hydration: Osmo Active Hydration

  • Formulated to boost power and ward off cramps, for me it works really well with solid food such as waffles and chews.

Other/Recovery: Body Glide / Compressport Full Socks Oxygen / Tiger Tail Classic Roller

  • Body Glide helps eradicate any chafing, and good for peace of mind on long days training and racing, while post-race I currently use the Oxygen full socks to help aid recovery and it’s always good to make the muscles suffer a little further with a Tiger Tail roller!

Any questions about the kit used, please do get in touch!

You can follow Eóin on Instagram at @eoin.rua

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2pure Announces Partnership with Moustache Bikes 28/08/2018

2pure are excited to announce our partnership with Moustache Bikes, we will work together to further develop and build the growing e-bike brand in the UK market.

Moustache have the strong belief that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling and we at 2pure couldn’t agree more.

We are committed to further the good work done by Velospeed in bringing Moustache to the UK. We will develop and support our dealers with Moustache’s increasing resource and inventory levels in what is an engaging and growing market in the UK.

The Moustache range, which is exclusively Bosch powered, is a structured collection with 8 families to cover all the different riding needs: urban, all road, road fitness, mountain bike and kids’ bikes (the only non-ebike line), so you can find the right Moustache for you! They have built an enviable reputation for performance, quality and focus in the category.

George Bowie, 2pure Managing Director commented:

Moustache represent style, quality and innovation. They are a brand and team which closely align with our core values. I couldn’t be more delighted to have been chosen to work with their team and represent Moustache, offering their range of e-bikes to our customers. We see the innovation of e-bikes to be an integral part of developing the cycling industry and look forward to providing a dynamic range of e-bikes to our dealers”.

Greg Sand, Moustache Co-Founder added:

“First of all, I would like to thank Nick and John from Velospeed for the good job that has been done so far, and their involvement behind the brand since the beginning.

Today Moustache has become a leading brand on the e-bike premium segment, with 50% of our business in France and 50% all over the world.

The UK is clearly identified as a growing market, therefore we have decided to reinforce our actions with a stronger organization, able to cover the whole UK in term of business but also technical support.

I am glad to start this new step with George and the 2Pure guys! It was crucial for us to find a team sharing our values, understanding the brand and its added value”.


Moustache is based in the Voseges region of France, home to our childhood memories, our families, and our values. We strongly believe that the strength of a company is based above all on its employees, and we’ve built ours around our complementary skills. After starting out as two bike-lovers crazy enough to embark on such an adventure - Manu (development) and Greg (sales) - we now have more than 80 people working on the development and production of our bikes. Every moustache is unique, every moustache is recognisable, every moustache has a strong identity, just like our bikes!


Moustache Bikes are represented in the UK by 2pure Ltd.

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MuleBar and 2pure Announce Partnership 05/06/2018

2pure are excited to announce our partnership with MuleBar.

MuleBar makes energy bars, energy gels, fruit pulps and protein bars for exercise and everyday needs. Their products are natural, delicious and have a high nutritional value.

With a fully Organic and Vegan range, a commitment to 1% FOR THE PLANET, and a focus on Fair Trade ingredients wherever possible, the range tastes great and performs great.

George Bowie, 2pure Managing Director commented:

“Having been long term fans of the brand and their creative flavours, it is great news we can now offer even more nutrition brands to our dealer base. We understand the importance of offering the best selection of products and brands to our retailers allowing them to see us as a solution provider. We are excited to be able to offer MuleBar to our customers along with our complementary brands”.

Denis Gargaud, MuleBar CEO added:

“The UK market is very important for us not only because of its size. This is sentimental for the us as a brand is born in the UK and is produced in the UK. We feel we have found the right partner with 2pure to spread out values to this important market. We are also seduce by the human size of the company which fit with our organisation. Exciting time for the brand as the look as recently changed.”


MuleBar is a brand of natural energy products for sport. At MuleBar we believe there is no energy like natural energy which is why MuleBar is made from 100% natural, seriously tasty ingredients. MuleBar is committed to environmentally responsible fair trade. In becoming a member of 1% for the planet, we donate 1% of our revenue to the following organisations: Ne jetez plus, Mountain Riders, and Mountain Bikers. These organisations are very active in alpine preservation.


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Earthwell Joins 2pure Portfolio 04/06/2018

2Pure is delighted to bring to the UK market, Earthwell, a brand that makes premiumquality stainless steel drinkware. Earthwell’s goods are made for active outdoor adventurers, who play hard, push boundaries, and place a high value on design, function, performance, and durability.

Earthwell will mark its UK launch at Keswick Mountain Festival in June, as the OfficialSponsor of the Water Refill Points.

Earthwell strives to connect emotionally with consumers engaged in outdoor pursuits and action sports. With this in mind, wecould not think of a better event to partner our UK launch with than Keswick Mountain Festival.

Recent news articles in the UK have documented that in the UK, 2.5 billion coffee cups and millions of single-use water bottles are thrown away each year. Earthwell believes the best way to combat single-use is to make superior performing drinkware with versatile and highly functional design so that people won’t want to drink out of anything else.

Based on the performance and build criteria expected by the outdoor adventurer and urban dweller alike, Earthwell’s drinkware is equally at home in the mountains, at camp, on a commute or traveling around the globe. Blending eye-catching aesthetics with high performance and quality manufacturing, Earthwell incorporates numerous innovations: EarthGrip™ powder coating, TempLock™ vacuum insulation, ThermaGrid™ insulated caps, Kewler™, Roaster™, Woodie™ and LoopD™ drinkware designs.

Earthwell is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and gives back to organisations taking steps to make a positive impact in the world. Earthwell pledges 1% of sales to protect wild places and restore natural
environments we love to spend time in because preserving the treasured playgrounds is paramount for that we all utilize to hike, ski, bike, surf and play.

Simon Lock, 2pure Brand Manager commented:

2018 sees the launch of Earthwell onto the global market, with the team behind the brand having over 50 years experience as product design and brand building specialists with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the hydration category. 2pure are pleased to be bringing to the UK market a fresh, new brand to the hydration and bottles category. Earthwell produces high performance stainless steel
drinkware that are reusable, recyclable and very relevant to the current social drives to minimise plastic use. We believe Earthwell has developed some of the best performing bottles and cups with great shelf appeal and offer the UK market a great opportunity to grow sales in this expanding category.

Scott Rolfson, Earthwell Co-founder has this to say:

Earthwell aims to design and produce the highest quality, premium finished stainless steel drinkware imaginable – top to bottom, inside and out. Our offerings are made for active adventurers, who play hard, push boundaries and place an exceedingly high value on function, design, performance, and durability. Earthwell preserves and protect your thirst for adventure.”

Nicola Meadley, Keswick Mountain Festival director, adds:

“We are taking various steps to reduce the environmental impact of the festival and adding the water refill points to the Festival Village is one of those. For this initiative, Keswick Mountain Festival is delighted to be working with the Earthwell team to promote a more sustainable approach to hydration at events and also help launch the brand’s great new range in the UK.”

Earthwell products are in-stock and now available for immediate purchase from the 2pure B2B (www.2pureb2b.co.uk), our Internal Sales Team (0844 811 2001) or from your local 2pure Account


Earthwell is a young but seasoned hydration brand, formed by international product design and brand building specialists. With a brand ethos ensuring function complements the aesthetic, their premium
drinkware is fresh and relevant to the category.

Earthwell features timeliness design, unrivalled finishing and is made with proprietary technologies that stand up to the extremes of nature.


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With over 20 years in the Sports Industry, Warren Smith joins the 2pure sales team.

George Bowie, 2pure Managing Director, had this to say;

“First and foremost, we were looking to recruit someone who is trusted and respected within the sports industry. Warren’s longstanding relationships with his customers is a testament to the trust they have in him. Our business is focused on helping our customers grow by delivering unique tools that help sales in retail. Often this comes from creating new categories, or increasing category sales, we are not in the business of eroding business, we aim to add value to our retailers and their customers. Warren is the perfect person to help communicate our objectives and he will receive the full support and backing he needs.”

Warren Smith, newly appointed Active Northern Sales Account Manager for 2pure, commented;

“2pure is a business I have admired during my career and I felt this was a good time for me to add value and help with the team’s ambitions. It is a fresh dynamic company that listens and stands behind it’s brands and customers and I look forward to the journey I have embarked on with them.”

2pure recently added Body Glide and FlipBelt to their Active portfolio of quality brands which include Compressport, Feetures - the number 1 Specialty Run Sock brand in the US, Nathan, TigerTail Massage, KT Tape - the number 1 global brand of Kinesiology Tape, OS1st - famous for their Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve and other Base Layer Bracing products, Honey Stinger, Osmo and Topo with their unique fit that has seen them win several awards in the press recently.

If you wish to book time with Warren please get in touch by email (warrensmith@2pure.co.uk) or phone 07711 558 802.

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  • The 2pure Sales Team is now complete with our latest addition - 2018 is turning out to be our most exciting year yet.


2pure welcome Body Glide - the market leader in skin protection.

Bill Sternoff CEO Body Glide had this to say:

“Body Glide enjoys great sucess, loyal customers, and appreciates being in the UK for almost twenty years as we enter the next phase of the brands growth with 2pure.”

George Bowie, 2pure Managing Director, added:

“Our goal at 2pure is to partner with the market leader in each category and Body Glide is the epitome of this strategy. We understand the importance of offering the best selection of products and brands to our retailers allowing them to see us as a solution provider. We will work with our customers to enhance the instore selection on Body Glide and mazimise the customer opportunity. Body Glide represents the clear No.1 in skin protection and we are excited to be able to offer it to our customers along with our complementary brands.”


Born under the California sun, made to keep you active. Since 1996. Body Glide are dedicated to developing protective skincare products for everyone looking to be pain-free while being active. Body Glide are the leader in anti-chafing and blister prevention products. Don’t rub, glide!


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2pure solidifies its commitment to invest in their sales team with recent recruitments.

A big shake-up in company structure and staff has led to the introduction of an almost all-new 2pure sales team in 2017, one that the company believes to be the strongest yet in its now more than ten year history.

Driving these significant changes has been the 2pure management team’s commitment to investing in the sales team and company, ensuring that 2pure continues to offer the industry leading service that they constantly strive for.



Andrew joined us at the beginning of July assuming the role of Internal Sales Account Manager for Cycle, but he will also assist with our Active brands.

Hugely experienced in cycle retail, Andrew is well-suited to handling questions and offering support on any discipline – a keen road cyclist and contender for Edinburgh’s most suave commuter, he’s also happy on the trails, or filling a frame bag and taking off on a bike-packing tour to Norway.

If you call our Internal Sales Team, it’s likely Andrew you will speak to, but you’ll also see him at trade shows supporting the external sales team at select events throughout the year. If you would like to place an order, or have a product query, don’t hesitate to give Andrew a call.

Phone: 0131 449 4147
Email: andrewcullen@2pure.co.uk



Blair joined the 2pure team in the early summer taking on the role of managing 2pure’s team of Territory Account Managers, alongside being a cycle territory manager himself for the North and Ireland.

Having worked at some of the most renowned UK cycle distributors, many of our retailers will already be familiar with and know Blair. In the time since he started at 2pure, Blair has slotted in well to his role and is already bringing a new level of customer relationship to our North and Ireland territory.

Phone: 07834 451 690
Email: blairwhiteside@2pure.co.uk



Another early summer addition, Eóin (pronounced Owen - don’t get that wrong!) has joined as Internal Sales Account Manager and Active North and Ireland Territory Account Manager.
Eóin is a highly accomplished athlete, spending much of his time running in the hills and taking part in gruelling events. Part and parcel with his personal experience outdoors, Eóin has a great understanding of athletes needs and can offer brilliant advice and support to go with that. Eóin’s personal and professional experience, and approachable manner, makes him a key member of our new sales team.

Phone: 0131 449 4147
Email: eoinlennon@2pure.co.uk



Rodney is the longest standing member of the 2pure sales team, having been with the company for nearly two years as Cycle Territory Account Manager for the Middle region.
Having worked for some of the biggest brands in cycling and outdoor, Rodney has an abundance of knowledge focussing on building brand presence and directly helping our dealers reach their goals.

Phone: 07714 292 170
Email: rodneyrouse@2pure.co.uk



Mike is another newcomer that brings a huge wealth of experience - 24 years in the bike industry to be precise, the last six of which have been spent working alongside Blair Whiteside.

“It feels good to be working for a family run business again, working within a small team of experienced, knowledgeable people to help grow the great bunch of brands we have across our Cycle and Active portfolios. I’m looking forward to working with the customers I already know and building partnerships with those I am yet to meet.”

Mike enjoys spending time in the outdoors, trail running, cycling and surfing - when life with a young family allows.

With a good understanding of all cycling disciplines, their routes to market and what it takes to make them profitable for our dealers, Mike takes on the role of Cycle Territory Account Manager for the South.

Phone: 07540 690 021
Email: mikeisaac@2pure.co.uk



Dan took up the role of Active Tech Rep and South Territory Account Manager early this year. Dan visits retailers to provide product training, product introduction and act as a face-to-face sales person.

Starting his career as an Assistant Manager, before progressing to Store Manager at Sweatshop, Dan has gained exceptional skills through the training he received whilst at the chain. Also a highly accomplished runner, Dan hopes to soon run a sub-2 hour, 20 minute marathon to earn himself a GB vest. This level of commitment, alongside his retail and sporting experience, makes Dan perfectly suited to the 2pure Tech Rep and Territory Account Manager role he’s been getting stuck into this year.

Phone: 07921 038 500
Email: danieldavies@2pure.co.uk

Blair had this to say about moving forward into 2018 with 2pure’s sales force:

“I am proud to lead our new team of driven, dedicated and experienced salesmen into 2018. Both our internal and external sales teams are highly motivated to provide industry leading customer service to all of our customers. We are all proud to represent so many high-quality brands”.

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2pure has announced that they have been appointed as a distributor for Schwalbe in the UK and Ireland, effective immediately.

George Bowie, 2pure Managing Director, added: “The Schwalbe name is recognised across the world, and the brand has a unrivalled reputation for innovation, quality and durability, I am confident that our partnership will benefit our customers and our offering across our portfolio. We have been conscious of making sure our brand mix offers real value to the dealer and we feel Schwalbe is the right fit with 2pure to maintain this approach.”


Schwalbe is a German manufacturer of bicycle tires. The company is a third generation, family owned business with global reach. Schwalbe produces a wide range of tires for different cycling applications, but it is best know for it’s commuting, touring and utility tires.


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Clément Cycling becomes Donnelly Cycling 16/10/2017

Donnelly Sports, which has been licensing the Clément name from Pirelli since 2010, has ended its use of the trademark.

All of the current Clément Cycling designs and tread patterns were developed and are owned by Donnelly Sports’ Donn Kellogg, who will continue all of the tyre models and names under the new brand, Donnelly Cycling. Kellogg unveiled the new branding at Eurobike 2017.

Kellogg commented:

The tread patterns, the tire model names and the wheels were all designed here in Colorado beginning in 2010 at the time of trademark licensing. People ask for our tires by model name such as PDX, MSO, and USH which will all be rolled under the Donnelly brand name.”

2pure is currently selling through remaining stock of Clément Cycling product in anticipation of the newly branded Donnelly Cycling tyre range arriving later this year. Please note that during this crossover period, there will be Clément models showing out-of-stock which will not be replenished, and instead will be replaced with the equivalent Donnelly model when these become available.


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2pure adds GRAYL to their brand portfolio 16/10/2017

2pure is delighted to bring to the UK market, GRAYL, a market leading brand in the purifier category.

GRAYL, based in the USA, has spent several years developing the technology and refining the design of their new product range. This has culminated in the launch of the Ultralight Purifier Bottle, which utilises patented technology to deliver clean, drinkable water, incorporating both a water purifier and a drinking/transport bottle in one simple to use device.

Simon Lock, 2pure Brand Manager, commented:

“2pure is delighted to have been appointed as distributor for GRAYL, with their innovative solution for ensuring clean transportable drinking water in the outdoors, we look forward to bringing the brand to the UK.”

2pure see GRAYL as complementary to its current brand portfolio and look forward to bringing it to our customers.


Founded in 2012, GRAYL was inspired by two global travelers, Nancie Weston and Travis Merrigan, and their concerns about global plastic pollution and the poor quality (health, taste, odor, clarity) of water that people around the world endure daily. Nancie and Travis are committed to changing the status quo by making practical and durable filtration and purification solutions.


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Blair Whiteside Joins 2pure 24/05/2017

​It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Blair Whiteside to the 2pure sales force.

Blair is one of the best sales people we have met, and his reputation precedes him. Blair’s new role with us will be as Sales Manager, where he will keep everything in check with our Account Managers, as well as looking after the retailers in the North Territory (Scotland and Ireland). Having worked at some of the most renowned UK distributors, many of our retailers will already be familiar with and know Blair, so we hope he will slot in really nicely to his new role, bringing a new level of customer relationship to our North Territory.

If you need to get in contact with Blair, he can be reached on blairwhiteside@2pure.co.uk or 07834 451690.

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COMPRESSPORT and 2pure Announce Partnership 26/01/2017

COMPRESSPORT has appointed 2pure as distributor in the UK and Ireland, effective immediately.

In just 9 years, COMPRESSPORT has redefined the compression apparel market. Coming from a medical research background and specialist in sports compression, the range of products is like no other. Combining leading technologies with the latest trends, their aim is to always innovate and surprise their athletes.

Whether it is to improve performance, enhance recovery or to help travel in the best possible condition, COMPRESSPORT contributes to overall wellbeing of athletes and their everyday lives.

Before release, all products are tested by top level athletes who give their insights and feedback. This ensures the products meet the exact needs of the athletes. COMPRESS PORT now has over 500 professional athletes endorsing and using their products on a daily basis, including current and past world champions.

Jordi Sole, founder of COMPRESSPORT commented:

“UK should be one of the first markets in Europe, if not the first. Our company is now mature and the number of products we have is important enough to match the expectation of a demanding market like the UK. I think we eventually found the perfect partner. Based in Scotland, 2pure has the experience as well as the human and logistic resources, the knowledge about the market and the will to work with and for COMPRESSPORT .

Our first contacts with Mr George Bowie, founder and owner of 2pure reflect the good atmosphere we can sense throughout all the people working at 2pure.

The team quickly understood our philosophy. They are as demanding as us and are also willing to make COMPRESSPORT the number 1 compression brand in the UK. We look for distributors with whom we can build real friendships and we have no doubt that will be the case with 2pure.

Welcome on board George and the 2pure team!”

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  • I think we eventually found the perfect partner.

Clarks Cycle Systems Parter with 2pure 20/09/2016

2pure has announced that they have been appointed as a distributor for Clarks Cycle Systems in the UK and Ireland, effective immediately.

Clarks Cycle Systems are a leading supplier of components and accessories to the bicycle industry worldwide, with a diverse range of aftermarket and OE products.

Tony Wright, owner of Clarks, commented:

“We are excited to team up with 2pure as a partner in the UK and Ireland to further develop our position in the home market for Clarks. I am confident that in 2pure we have a distributor who will deliver unparalleled service levels to Clarks’ stockists.”

George Bowie, 2pure Managing Director, added:

“Clarks is a much loved British brand with UK IBDs and we are delighted to be working with them to bring a wide range of products to the UK market. Clarks always offers good value to the consumer and a high margin to the dealer, and this involvement helps to strengthen our support to specialist dealers and their workshops.”

Clarks products are in-stock and available for immediate purchase from the 2pure B2B, our Internal Sales Team (0844 811 2001) or from your local 2pure Area Manager.

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  • I am confident that in 2pure we have a distributor who will deliver unparalleled service levels to Clarks’ stockists.

Welcoming Rodney Rouse 22/04/2016

We are delighted to announce the addition a key new player to the 2pure team; Rodney Rouse.

The arrival of a new person is always an exciting time, but we are particularly looking forward to working with Rodney with his wealth of knowledge and skills!

Rodney Rouse takes control of our new Middle territory as a Territory Account Manager for both our Active and Cycle arms of the business. Having worked for some of the biggest brands in cycling and outdoor, Rodney brings an abundance of knowledge to a role that focusses on building brand presence and directly helping our dealers reach their goals. Rodney will be visiting dealers and introducing himself soon, and can be contacted on 07714 292170 or rodneyrouse@2pure.co.uk.

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Taipei Cycle Show: A major success with well-earned awards 16/03/2016

Taipei Cycle Show: A major success with well-earned awards

During the 2016 Taipei Cycle Show 2pure were delighted to be presented with the European Distributor Awards for Eddy Merckx Cycles by the CEO, Rob Beset.

The spotlight was not just on 2pure, as part of the season preview, we were shown the 2017 Collection. Presented by Rolf Singenberger, which generated nothing but positive feedback.

‘Being part of the success of Eddy Merckx is exciting – our teams work well together and we all share the common desire to deliver bikes to market that can carry the famous name of Eddy. We are honoured we can be part of this amazing period in the brands development and we look forward to a great year in MY17. We are inspired by what they are doing!’. commented Mark Downie, Senior Brand Manager at 2pure.

Georgie Bowie, MD at 2pure said ‘The new team at Eddy Merckx Cycles are showing their commitment to ensuring the brand is positioned in it’s rightful place in the global market. It’s great to be part of the journey and we appreciate the partnership’.

If you would like to speak to 2pure about Eddy Merkcx Cycles, please contact trade@2pure.co.uk or call us on 0844 811 2001

*image: L-R, Mark Downie, George Bowie, Rob Beset.

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Unior joins the 2pure lineup 15/01/2016

Unior UK has announced that 2pure will be its exclusive distributor of tools to the cycle trade in UK and Ireland, effective as of April 1st 2016.

Stock will be available as of February 1st to coincide with the launch at Core Bike Show in the meantime.

Founded in 1919 and headquartered in Slovenia, Unior has been making high quality hand tools ever since, and can now boast one of the largest ranges of hand tools of any brand, it said.

George Bowie, MD and founder of 2pure, said:

“Not only does Unior offer the comprehensive range of specialist cycle tools necessary to operate an effective workshop, we are also able to offer all of the general use tools that are equally necessary. From the smallest wrench to the largest workstand, virtuallyall of the tools are made in Slovenia by Unior, and all are made to the same high standard.”

Paul Whittaker, UK Sales and Marketing Manager commented:

“Unior tools can provide everything required for a quick roadside repair job, an enthusiast’s home workshop, a pro race team mechanic’s kit, and of course a fully equipped dealer service centre.

“From the lifetime warranty to the extensive range of spare parts, we stand by our products as we know how much a mechanic relies on our tools to get the job done.

“Unior products also meet internationally recognised standards for performance, safety, and environmental considerations.”

Bruce Fina, International Sales at Unior added:

We are excited by the potential we have to expand the distribution of our European designed and produced tools that we are testing daily with teams such as Etixx Quick Step, Movistar and Trek Factory Racing. We are looking forward to supporting the UK dealer network by partnering with 2pure, starting at the forthcoming Core Bike Show, where there will be an extensive display of the tools and workstands accompanied by some attractive introductory offers and competition.

For further information contact: trade@2pure.co.uk

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  • We are looking forward to supporting the UK dealer network by partnering with 2pure

Welcome Tom Corfield! 12/10/2015

We are delighted to welcome the tallest member of the team to 2pure, Tom Corfield, as Internal Account Manager for 2pure Active.

Tom is a keen snowboarder, kite surfer, trail runner and cyclist (basically think of any action sport, Tom does it) and has experience on the road and in retail. His retail experience comes from running and managing seven Billabong stores in the South, so we’re sure he can empathise with the needs and requirements of our dealers.

Welcome to the team Tom!

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Ben Sutcliffe joins the buying team 16/09/2015

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Ben Sutcliffe.

Having worked at Madison in stock control for the last 16 years and for Edinburgh Bike in the buying department for 5 years back in the 90s he brings a fresh look at how we do things. Ben comes with vast experience in the cycle industry within buying and merchandising. He will be helping our merchandising department and also manage the implementation of our new warehouse system.

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2pure and TOMTOM join forces on the BANDIT Action Cam 24/08/2015

2pure Ltd is pleased to announce their appointment as distributor for the TomTom Bandit Action Camera to the Cycling, Outdoor, and Snow markets within the UK.

Following a successful launch in the Consumer Electronics market earlier this year, TomTom and 2pure will work together to build a presence in these specialist sports channels.

George Bowie, MD of 2pure said:

“We have wanted to be involved in the important Action Camera market for some time, but only when the right opportunity became available. The TomTom name is recognised across the world, and the brand has an unrivalled reputation for innovation, quality, and user-friendly products, so I am confident that the TomTom Bandit Action Camera will satisfy a real need in the market.”

Andrew Stocks, Sales & Marketing Director – TomTom Sport added:

TomTom has achieved great success with recent introductions into the Sports channels, and with the market knowledge and experience that a specialist distributor like 2pure can provide we are confident that this success will continue within Action Cameras. 2pure is already working with the right dealers that we want to be with, and they will be able to
provide the focus that we need to establish ourselves in this competitive market.

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Leading Performance Brand Celebrates Edinburgh Distributor at International Sales Meeting in NYC

SHARON HILL, Pa. (July 28, 2015) NATHAN the Running Essentials leader in creating purposefully-designed hydration, visibility and performance gear, is proud to announce the presentation of the Distributor of the Year Award to 2pure. The announcement was made at NATHAN’s annual International Sales Meeting, which took place recently in New York City.

2pure is a valued partner that aligns with our values, is highly regarded in its markets as an expert and provides excellent service to its retail base,” said NATHAN CEO, Bridgit Lombard. “Additionally 2pure is a brand builder and market creator that works closely with us as a true partner. It is integral to establishing NATHAN’s success globally, both now and as we look ahead.”

The Distributor of the Year Award is designed to celebrate the distributor that emulates the core values that NATHAN stands for and brings the brand’s campaigns and merchandising to local markets in unique ways that drive growth. In just four years, 2pure has proven their passion and pride for the industry through investments in their own infrastructure to help better support the brand, as well as investments in NATHAN products. Based in Edinburgh, 2pure is always strategic in its category growth across each of its distribution channels – from leading UK retailers, like running retail stores Runners Need and Run4It, to department stores, like John Lewis. “It’s hugely rewarding to have our team’s commitment and creative approach recognized by one of our premium brands,” said George Bowie, Managing Director of 2pure. “NATHAN listens to our market and supportsus in execution; it always feels like a partnership. It’s fantastic to work with
NATHAN – they get what it takes to be a successful global brand.”

Further highlighting their strategic thinking and innovative tactics, 2pure continually goes the extra mile for both the retailers it represents and NATHAN. Some of its recent tactics include inviting top UK running retailers to The Running Event in Austin, creating NATHAN Team UK (led by ultrarunner Paul Giblin) who act as dedicated ambassadors, and the hiring of the first International Tech Rep to provide on-the-ground support for retailers to execute in-store campaigns. As part of the award, 2pure will receive an employee entry and roundtrip to New York City for the NYC Marathon in 2016.

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KT Tape appoint 2pure/Active as their exclusive distributor in the UK. 28/07/2015

George Bowie, MD at 2pure explains “Over the past 3 years Louise McAlpine has established KT TAPE with the UK consumer by exhibiting and supporting athletes through an extensive list of events. I would like to thank Louise for doing a great job raising the brand’s awareness and firmly establishing it in the UK market.”

KT TAPE is the dominant player in kinesiology tape and is the No. 1 brand in the world.” explains Paul Keenan MD KT TAPE Europe. “We have invested heavily in building the brand’s awareness with the consumer and now we are focused on increasing distribution making the brand readily available to the consumer. 2pure are the perfect partner to help us achieve this in the UK. We have a clear plan to support them to achieve our aggressive goals for the UK.”

George Bowie added “As Paul says, KT TAPE is the No1 tape brand in the world and it is our responsibility to establish KT TAPE as the No1 tape in the UK. We are looking to continue to increase retail distribution and make the brand available in multiple markets
across the UK. A new and improved pricing model and extensive product offering are now available and we are already seeing sales increase. KT TAPE fits perfectly into our business model.”

What Is KT TAPE:

Whether you’re training for your first marathon, getting ready for your next game, reaching a personal fitness goal, or just trying to get through the day, you already know that nothing slows you down faster than pain and injury. KT TAPE is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be used for hundreds of common injuries such as lower back pain, knee pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow, just to name a few.

KT TAPE not only looks good, but it also provides 24 hour relief per application for days at a time through sweat, strain and humidity, and can even be worn in water thanks to our specially designed adhesive.

KT TAPE is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. KT TAPE creates neuromuscular feedback (called proprioception) that inhibits (relaxes) or facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons. This feedback creates support elements without the bulk and restriction commonly associated with wraps and heavy bracing. KT TAPE gives you confidence
to perform your best.

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Team Nathan Website 21/07/2015

2pure /Active have set up a brand new Team Website for our elite team of Ultra runners.

Team manager Stephen Gildea: “Team Nathan UK was set up to support some of the standout ultra runners in the UK with the best kit in the industry. The aim has always been to help these incredible athletes achieve their potential in races and adventures.

In return, the team gives us real honest feedback on how the kit performs, from day-to-day, trip-to-trip and season-to-season across all the conditions they face throughout the
year. From snowy mountain-tops, to muddy trails and desert canyons.

Whilst the elite team race at the
sharp-end we believe running should be accessible to all and we hope to
inspire and support others. It’s not about the winning. The journey is
always more important than the result.

The aim has always been to help these incredible athletes achieve their potential in races and adventures.”

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Peter Farquhar joins 2pure Active 29/04/2015

We are delighted to say that 2pure Active has been performing outstandingly well during the first quarter of 2015. In light of this, and the fact that we are continuously striving to improve our services for dealers, we are excited to announce that Peter Farquhar has joined the team.

When it comes to sports and the outdoors Peter is no new-comer, having spent most of his life racing on all types of two wheels or coaching all types of athletes in strength and conditioning. Before joining 2pure, Peter specialised in cycle coaching, personal training, and strength and conditioning, so he has a great understanding of the needs and wants of athletes.

Peter’s role at 2pure is as Sales Account Manager for the Middle and North, where he is looking forward to connecting with new people during his life on the road! Welcome Peter!

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2pure adds an Active arm to its already succesful cycle offering 25/02/2015

Nine Point Nine the sister company of 2pure has been transferred to 2pure and will now operate as one company.

“Ultimately this makes it simple for our customers and brands whilst being more efficient to operate. Whilst still maintaining separate teams, 2pure/Cycle and 2pure/Active, we are working much closer to help our customers have the simplest and most efficient service we can offer.”

Sales Director Marco Librizzi

“Working alongside 2pure Cycle can only benefit both sides of the business, it gives both of our dealer bases the ability to easily order, without the need of two accounts”

2pure/Active General Sales Manager Rob Mcclennan

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2pure’s New Addition: Richard Peploe 12/11/2014

Richard Peploe recently joined 2pure as a Non-Executive Director. He will also hold a place on the company board where he will work with the Senior Management team to deliver on the business plan. Peploe recently left his role as Brand Director at Madison after 22 years of service.

Richard Peploe said:

Please allow me to give you a summary of my background and explain what my role is at 2pure.

I have worked in the cycle trade all of my life since leaving University. In my first role I spent 8 years at the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op, one of the leading cycle retailers in the UK. I later moved to Madison, the leading cycle distributor in the UK. Since the year 2000 I held the role of Brand Director.

I decided to leave Madison this year after 22 years of service for a life of semi-retirement, although not ruling out a part time role in the industry if a suitable opportunity became available. 2pure provides that opportunity.

I did not want to be associated with any business with a poor reputation and many major problems to be overcome, such as limited ambition, precarious finances, weak systems, or inadequate staff, for example. I felt that 2pure got all that right, and more besides.

I did want to be part of a business that could take advantage of my years of experience, knowledge, and contacts - where I could make a difference, secure in the knowledge that the business was capable of delivering on the plans that we agree between us.

It will be exciting to be back with a (relatively) small and nimble business that can really focus on the brands that it represents. The Brand Management team already does some great work for the brands that 2pure represents, and I aim to enhance that where I can to ensure that we provide a market-leading service to our partners.

During my time at Madison the company grew to be the leading distributor of top brands in the UK cycle market, with a reputation across the world for effective brand management. I look forward to using that experience at 2pure.

George Bowie, Managing Director:

It is a testament to our existing team and the strength of the business that Richard wants to be associated with 2pure.

I believe Richard will be a great asset and will help each of us maximise our potential within the business. We have some aggressive growth plans and I am confident that by taking advantage of Richard’s knowledge and contacts, we will be better placed than ever to achieve them.

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  • I believe Richard will be a great asset and will help each of us maximise our potential within the business.

Even Fresher Faces 10/10/2014

As we continue to grow our brands and think of ever more creative solutions to the unique challenges that the UK markets offer, our marketing team grows also!

We are pleased to present our strongest ever team, with the addition of two new young Marketing Assistants; Robyn Bowie and Ellie Brown.

Robyn joins us on a years placement from Edinburgh Napier University where she is currently studying Business with Marketing. Having spent the summer of 2013 working at Coronet Peak Resort in New Zealand during their snow season, and with her passion for hockey and cycling, Robyn is perfectly placed in her role at 2pure. Bringing fresh a perspective and new ideas, we are excited to have Robyn on board for the year!

Ellie is our newest recruit having recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Management with Marketing. She has already worked at some amazing events including the London 2012 Olympics, Royal Ascot and The Open. With a keen background in mountain biking, skiing and hiking, Ellie is already showing that she fits in perfectly with the team. The fact that she loves baking and bakes on a regular basis has nothing to do with it…

Robyn and Ellie join Marketing Manager, Barry and PR, Events & Athletes Manager, Stevie to help do what 2pure do best; build businesses by adding value.

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Rep Territory Shake Up 01/08/2014

As our portfolio expands to include 3 bike brands, we have taken the decision to add a new Territory Account Manager to our team. We will now have 4 account managers visiting you, our lovely dealers.

Mike Williams

Please welcome Mike Williams (pictured right). Mike will cover our southern territory which includes the M4 corridor and south. Mike has extensive experience in the industry with stints at Mavic, Raleigh and One Industries. He rides both mountain bikes and road bikes regularly and has just completed a triathlon that involved riding up Alpe d’Huez for the bike stage. Nuts!! We are pleased to have Mike on board, he will be visiting dealers from the 4th of August.

Tony Barton

As Tony lives in Leicester we have decided that covering the entire south of the UK was a bit much, so we have carved Tony a new smaller area we are calling East (refer to Map). Tony will now also have responsibility for all national accounts.

Andy Nicholson

We are also changing Cumbria around, from 1st August Andy Nicholson will look after this area. He has lost some of his patch to the new east territory but we need to keep Andy on his toes, we wouldn’t want him getting bored.

Scott Davidson

Scott will continue to look after Scotland, NE England, Ireland and maybe Iceland.

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Welcome Chris & Sharon 28/05/2014

We are delighted to announce the belated welcome of Sharon Noonan and Chris Feltham to the 2pure team.

Sharon is new to our finance department and will be your contact for credit control and accounts assistance. Sharon is responsible for ensuring that our customer accounts are kept up to date. With over 20 years of experience in credit control, we are confident she will ensure invoices are paid in a timeous fashion.

Chris is new to our sales team. Office based, Chris will be at the end of the phone to receive or make sales calls. With over 10 years of experience as a retailer and a veteran of 21 years in the bike industry, Chris is here to help you in any way he can. If you call our sales team, chances are you will talk to Chris. He will be on the front line, alongside Wilma Ralston, helping you get exactly what you need. We are excited to have them on board, building upon the great team we have at 2pure. Please get in touch with either of them for assistance in either accounts or sales.​

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2pure appointed as the new UK distributor for Merckx 29/04/2014

Eddy Merckx Cycles have today announced that they have appointed 2pure as their new distributor in the UK & Ireland.

Rob Beset, CEO at Eddy Merckx Cycles explained:

“This is a dream start. Only a month as CEO at Eddy Merckx Cycles and I can immediately announce the cooperation with this new, strong partner. The UK market is an absolute priority for Eddy Merckx Cycles. That’s why we look forward to work with a partner that is focussing so much on high-end ‘brand building’.” Mark Van Wegen, Export Manager at Eddy Merckx Cycles, is equally enthusiastic: “The good contacts with an extensive dealer network as well as their current brand portfolio were decisive for us to cooperate with 2pure. We go for it!”

Eddy Merckx is investing in growing their international footprint whilst staying true to their innovation strategy. The recent appointment of Rob Beset as CEO of Eddy Merckx will help shape the next phase of growth.

George Bowie, MD at 2pure added:

“We believe that with the appointment of Rob Beset the company and brand is in good hands. At 2pure we value relationships and look forward to working closely with Rob and his team to achieve their goals for Eddy Merckx.”

About Eddy Merckx Cycles

Every product of Eddy Merckx Cycles pays tribute to the rich heritage of the greatest cyclist of all time.That is why Eddy Merckx Cycles strives to produce the best and most attractive racing bikes and win over the largest number of cyclists. In this way the rich history of people and bicycles is linked to the future of the brand in a modern and even innovative manner. The company was founded by Eddy Merckx in 1980 and is still headquartered in Belgium. Eddy Merckx Cycles distributes high-end racing bikes in more than 18 countries through 15 distribution partners.

Within the Benelux the brand is sold by some 85 official Eddy Merckx Cycles dealers. Eddy Merckx Cycles presently sponsors the Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise, Wallonie-Bruxelles and Jo Piels Pro Cycling teams.

More information: www.eddymerckx.com

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  • This is a dream start. Only a month as CEO at Eddy Merckx Cycles and I can immediately announce the cooperation with this new, strong partner.

Growth 29/04/2014

We are pleased to announce that 2pure’s revenues grew 20.5% during the first quarter of 2014. This is a significant achievement considering we no longer distribute Clif Bar and Crankbrothers. Our “like for like” sales were up 60.4% which is a testament to our existing brands, the commitment from everyone inside the company and the strong relationships we have built with our very supportive customers.

Since the start of the year 2pure has added 4 new brands to their portfolio, Osmo, Honey Stinger, Neil Pryde and most recently Eddy Merckx. We have invested in developing our sales, brand and marketing teams to ensure we can deliver the same success’s for our new brands whilst continuing to grow our existing loyal brands.

2pure has a strategic plan that is focussed on growing the business 76% over the next 3 years. The senior management team has been installed over the past 2 years to enable us to take the next step. We will be recruiting 6 new people during the next 18 months and we are set to continue to focus on our Core Purpose “to build businesses by adding value in ways which improve the experience of all participants in every interaction”.

Our sister company Nine Point Nine, focussed on distributing to the speciality Run, Outdoors and General Sports market have had a stellar Q1 with 114.2% growth and 229.4% when we look at like for like sales.

Nine Point Nine success is coming from 3 brands at this time, Nathan, Feetures and Mio. We have had real success by working closely with our retail partners helping them grow these categories in store. We are not in the business of eroding markets, rather we are looking at ways to help the consumer get a better experience out of their activity whilst helping the retailer to increase their revenue. We have also just launched Osmo and Honey Stinger and are seeing strong signs for demand as they are unique products in what is a growing market segment.

Nine Point Nine’s strategic plan aims to grow revenues by 193% over the next 3 years whilst employing an additional 5 people during the next 18 months. Our focus will remain on on our existing brands and any new brands that approach us will only help to accelerate our growth.

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ProForma customers can now pay through B2B 07/02/2014

All ProForma orders can now be securely paid online through our B2B site. Yes, that’s right! As much as we love speaking to you, no longer do ProForma accounts need to place an order online to then spend time on the phone paying for the order.

This move completes the drive towards a streamlined process of online ordering that allows us to maintain our industry leading service.

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  • This move completes the drive towards a streamlined process of online ordering that allows us to maintain our industry leading service.

NeilPryde joins 2pure 06/11/2013

We are proud to welcome NeilPryde, one of the most innovative and elegantly engineered road bike brands in the world to the 2pure portfolio.

NeilPryde began in 1970 with Neil Pryde’s desire to develop cutting-edge equipment that would allow him to fulfill his Olympic sailing dream. This competitive streak still runs through everything they do and has led them to create a range of cutting edge road bikes that continue to turn heads in the cycling world.

We have looked forward to working with a road frame brand of this quality from our inception and NeilPryde has provided the perfect match.

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Welcome to LinkedIn 09/10/2013

In a continuing effort to provide great relations between our suppliers, brands and dealers, 2pure has created a LinkedIn page allowing professional and streamlined communication of news and brands.

We will be keeping the page updated with information on launch events, product reviews and company news. Find the new LinkedIn page here.

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  • Professional and streamlined communication of news and brands.

Moving (ware)house 20/09/2013

Recently we made the big decision to relocate our warehouse and bring the company closer together. After a week of transporting products and stocktaking, we started shipping from our new premises in Livingston.

In addition to the warehouse move we have appointed Rob MacLennan as our new Operations Manager. Rob has been successfully responsible in bringing our warehouse operations back in-house and will continue to oversee all stock, warehousing and shipping.

We are confident that this move will allow us to offer the industry leading service level that we constantly strive for.

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2pure adds to their brand portfolio 20/09/2013

Over the last year we have been working tirelessly to bring what we believe to be some of the best products available to the UK market. We have proudly added six new brands to our portfolio, strengthening both our road and mountain bike category offerings.

Introducing Tate Labs, Dual Eyewear, Galfer, Nathan, Glacier Gloves and ICEdot.

These brands offer products catering for all kinds of cycle consumer and we believe that they will fit in very well here at 2pure. For more information on each of the brands and their products, please have a look at the specific company profiles in the “Our Brands” section.

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Fresh Faces 18/09/2013

As we continue to grow 2pure as a company we are always delighted when the opportunity arises for us to welcome great new people to the team.

We are excited to tell you that we have employed two new Brand Managers, who between them will be in charge of the majority of our brands allowing them to specify their skills towards getting the most out of companies we represent.

Mark Downie makes a welcome return to 2pure after a number of years managing a successful Edinburgh bike shop. Mark has a passion for great products and an ethos that will compliment 2pure’s Core Purpose.

Ross Millar is a new face in the 2pure office, but is certainly not new to the world of bicycle retail and distribution. His previous experience at companies specialising in both online retail and bicycle distribution make him a great addition to the team.

Iain Baird has also joined 2pure as Commercial Director who will be overseeing the company’s needs, handling daily business issues, managing company associations and finance. Iain’s primary role will be seeing that 2pure operates as efficiently as possible which will in-turn allow us to continue pushing the industry standard service that we strive for.

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2pure merges with Chocolate Distribution 03/09/2012

How product gets to market continues to evolve - brands are going direct to retailers, some brands are going direct to consumers and retailers are creating their own brands. Change is natural and welcomed, but who knows what the long term will look like.

“We have a very clear vision of what 2pure needs to be focused on to ensure that we are still thriving 10 years from now”, explains George Bowie, 2pure’s founder. “We had to carry out some soul searching when making the decision to extend our portfolio as it challenges one of our core values, that said, several of our other core values and our core purpose support this change and it is important that we continue to evolve and add value to our customers and brands.”

2pure has added 4 new brands to its current portfolio. These new brands are positioned towards being road focused, which strengthens 2pure’s category offering.

· Chamois Butt’r · Clement · Kinetic · Rolf Prima

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  • We have a very clear vision of what 2pure needs to be focused on to ensure that we are still thriving 10 years from now.

Welcome 18/05/2012

When we decided to overhaul our company website we knew it needed more than a nip/tuck. We sent it to bootcamp and we knew it was going to be a while before we were happy with the results. We finally have a new company site that we are proud of.

This ‘News’ section will be updated around once per week with anything from brand news, company news, product launches and press. If you want to keep up with us in real time ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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  • If you want to keep up with us in real time 'like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Tweedlove 16/05/2012

It’s super fun, it’s well executed and it’s on our doorstep, so it would have been rude of us not to get involved in Tweedlove, the 10 day Mountain Biking festival taking places in the glorious Tweed Valley.

The festival kicks off next weekend with the all-new POC King and Queen of the Hill enduro on 27th May. Its the first event POC have sponsored in the UK and its a perfect fit. We’ll also be exhibiting our wares at the Glentress 7 XC endurance race. All we need now is some sunshine.

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  • Tweedlove logo

Pedro’s x Levi’s 10/05/2012

Pedro’s have recently teamed up with Levi’s as the official tool sponsor for the launch of their new commuter clothing range.

To launch the range there will be mini bike workshops set up in their flagship store on Regent Street and their pop up store in Boxpark, Shoreditch. Both locations are busy commuter zones and an excellent opportunity for us to market Pedro’s to a whole new audience who don’t read cycle magazines.

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