Clement/ A classic cycling brandwith contemporary style.

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A Classic Cycling Brand with Contemporary Style. A Winning Past - The Clement brand was founded by Gustave Adolphe Clément-Bayard, in France and first started manufacturing high quality bicycle tyres in 1878. After World War I, the Clement brand moved to Italy, and this is how most people think of the brand. Clement tyres were the premiere tyre in competition for decades, and probably more Tour de France and single day “Classics” were won on Clement tyres than any other tyre in the world. In the 1980’s the Pirelli Group bought Clement, but by 1995 they had decided to vacate the bicycle tyre business. Despite the dormancy of the brand, there is still a well-known appreciation and respect for the Clement cycling tyre brand. Instantly recognisable with older cyclists the brand was held in high esteem for years, which is why with its retro feel 2Pure jumped at the chance to add Clement tyres to its brand portfolio. With a racing pedigree second to none and with a new modern outlook their tyres definitely do achieve the aim of providing riders with ‘the best two wheel experience in the industry’.

New LCV road tyre - Lucca, Italy has hosted legendary races and the surrounding roads are unsurpassed for their beauty and majesty. As the plane banks in for it’s final approach into Lucca the stunning Tuscan countryside stretches out as an enticing preview of what’s to come.

The LCV is a race-bred road tire that inspires absolute confidence. Whether it’s winding descents, hard cornering or dancing up a climb it’s supple casing rolls effortlessly and is just begging to go fast. The LCV has an innovative vulcanized casing that incorporates varying thread counts so it can be tough and supple at the same time. The end result is a tyre that is light, fast and durable.

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