Dual Eyewear/ the first company toapply magnifier technologyto sports sunglasses.

Dual Eyewear 2pure/Cycle + 2pure/Active

​Dual Eyewear utilises magnifier technology and is the first company to apply this to sunglasses for any sport application. Their sports oriented power sunglasses complement your active lifestyle by improving your vision of hard-to-read products such as cycle computers and cell phones by way of a discreet magnification area molded into the lower portion of the lenses. Dual Eyewear was born from founder Louis Viggio’s difficulty reading sports data while cycling. “I purchased a cycling computer and was unable to read it when I went for a ride. After I was unsuccessful in finding a viable solution, I realized that as a baby boomer and an avid cyclist, a great need exists for outdoor enthusiasts who are sight challenged. I decided that I would create the best pair of active sunglasses that stylishly provide fit and functionality and affordably resolves sight issues.” Dual. Buy them for sports – Use them for everyday life!

Find out more about Dual Eyewear and their products: www.dualeyewear.com

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