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​When Eddy Merckx stopped racing in 1978, he was just 33 years old. He’d done and won everything there was to win, but still he wasn’t satisfied. Eddy has always been a perfectionist when it comes to bikes. Even during the years when he cycled in a team, he was often to be found in the workshop testing, checking and making sure his racing bikes were ready to roll. Eddy is still looking for perfection in whatever he does and that includes making a top performance bike that’s safe and secure on the road, no matter what. At 2pure we value relationships and look forward to working closely with Rob Beset and his team to achieve their goals for Eddy Merckx.

New for 2016, The Sallanches64 - In 1964, Eddy Merckx became the amateur world champion in Sallanches, France. This marked the start of his extraordinarily successful career as a cyclist. The Sallanches64 is a carbon racing bike that combines compliance with a high level of stiffness. This versatile racing machine is the ideal mix of high performance and endurance. And this frame has also been given a special internal treatment so that the inside looks just as clean as the outside, resulting in a weight of barely 900 grams.

Find out more about Eddy Merckx and their products: www.eddymerckx.be