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Feedback Sports was founded in 2004 by Colorado bike racers Doug and Lisa Hudson. Their line of simple and sturdy digital scales quickly became ubiquitous among gram-counting cyclists. In 2008, Feedback Sports acquired Ultimate Bike Support, a company with a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing top quality bicycle repair stands and storage products. Using lightweight, oversized aluminium, high performance composites, and great ideas, Feedback has made their portable repair stands the professional choice throughout the world. You only have to wander through the pits at elite cycling events to see race support crews such as Gary Fisher, Kona, Specialized, Mavic, Shimano, SRAM and of course, the 2pure mechanics, to see who relies on Feedback Sports products every day. With a focus on solid engineering, Feedback Sports has always been devoted to making innovative products. The 2011 reviews and testing in UK press speak for themselves. It’s innovation like this and their pursuit of the highest quality that make Feedback Sports the true market leader in bike support products.

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