Ibis Cycles/ California & Scotlandshare many cultural values, suchas the acceptance of men in skirts.

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Ibis was founded in 1981 by Scot `Chuck Ibis’ Nicol, who cut his teeth with the legendary Marin county stalwarts Joe Breeze and Charlie Cunningham. After a change of hands and some time off, Scot returned to Ibis in 2003 with a new crew consisting of Hans Heim (industry veteran of Specialized, Bontrager & Santa Cruz), Tom Morgan (Giant, Answer & Titec) and Roxy Lo (industrial designer). They have since gone on to create some of the most cutting edge carbon fibre bicycle frames in the world. 2pure and Ibis share a special bond that is best explained by their President, Tom Morgan.

California and Scotland share many cultural values, such as the acceptance of men in skirts. This exchange is a natural extension of the ties that already exist.”

Our relationship has involved more than distribution, with our creative team developing a UK Ibis website and going on to redevelop the US site as well.

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Find out more about Ibis Cycles and their products: www.ibiscycles.co.uk

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