NiteRider/ the first companyto produce technical lightingsystems specifically for the needsof the cyclist.

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In 1989 NiteRider was the first company to produce technical lighting systems that were designed specifically for the needs of cyclists. Over the years these technical lights have garnered a reputation for innovation and quality that is second to none. That’s why you’ll see everyone from 24-hour champion Tinker Juarez to the Los Angeles Police Dept. using NiteRider lights to keep riding long after the sun has set.

What sets NiteRider apart from other bike light manufacturers? Most of them will arrive at their lumen output by quoting their LED manufacturers specifications. The problem with this theoretical method is that it does not take in to account light transmission loss, which can often be over 30%. This often leads to a gross overstatement of lumens. NiteRider do things differently. They meticulously test their lighting systems over and over again then publish the average lumen output. This means the lumens they quote are always measured and never theoretical.

New for 2016, Lumina™ OLED - The Lumina™ OLED Series represents the very latest innovation in bike lighting power management! NiteRiders OLED multifunctional digital display screen delivers precise battery run times as a percentage and actual time over multiple lighting levels. The Lumina™ OLED Series are the first bike lights that remove the guesswork related to battery life, allowing you to plan your next ride safely with complete confidence, day or night.

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