OS1st/ Compression sleevesfor athletic bracing

OS1st 2pure/Active

The premier destination for athletes seeking pain relief and performance support, OS1st manufactures compression sleeves for athletic bracing.

While “Bracing & Supports” is a somewhat crowded product category, innovation in this category has been historically slow, until now. There are technologies now at work that allow product designers and manufacturers to create new ways to provide support and stabilisation through different approaches. OS1st is at the forefront of this product category innovation. Having invented an entirely new bracing technology for performance, prevention and therapy called Base Layer Bracing, OS1st is revolutionising the light brace category, already standing as the #1 selling brace brand in the USA Running market. The concept is a hybrid of medical grade graduated compression for circulatory support fused with textile engineered bracing for orthopaedic support. Powered by Compression Zone Technology, the design platform for every OS1st product, this breakthrough delivers FDA registered medical grade support in sleek and powerful performance bracing sleeves.

Find out more about OS1st and their products: www.os1st.co.uk