Pedro’s/ quality products, atrue passion for cycling, anda commitment to the environment.

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In 1989 two guys from New England created Pedro’s. The company built its foundation on quality products, a true passion for cycling and a commitment to the environment. That company grew considerably to become Pedro’s USA, which now boasts more than 100 bicycle care products sold in 34 countries. From their environmentally friendly bike cleaners to their world famous professional tools, you only have to wander round the pits at World Cups to see that the distinctive yellow and black branded tools are the choice of the pros. 22 years later they are still committed to their founding missions. They have 25 grassroots teams and pro teams that aid them in constantly developing their product. Pedro’s have grown their business in a responsible way that respects people, plants, animals and the planet. At the core of their mission is a belief that the best way to help the planet is to help people ride their bikes and they do this very well.

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