Tate Labs/ Manufacturers of marketleading Bar Fly GPS, iPhoneand computer mounts.

Tate Labs / Bar Fly 2pure/Cycle

​Tate Labs are the manufacturers of the market leading Bar Fly GPS, iPhone and Computer mounts. With more and more riders using electronic products on their bikes, Tate Labs have responded to the consumer demand for innovative solutions to computer mounting problems. Bar Fly are the leading range of products within this category. All products featured in their range are backed up by a “buy one you’re done” lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy.

New for 2016, 4 Road Max Mount - Designed to accommodate a wide range of computers, including the new Garmin 1000. The Bar Fly 4 Road Max Mount is compatible with
Garmin, Joule, Cateye, Mio and Magellan computers. Also compatible with 310/910/920XT watches with QR mount. Compatible with 31.8 and 35.0 bars.

Find out more about Tate Labs and their products: www.tatelabs.com