TomTom/ The TomTom Bandit.The Action Camera Reinvented.

TomTom 2pure/Cycle+2pure/Active

The action camera reinvented. 2pure has been appointed as the sole UK distributor for the exciting new TomTom Bandit Action Cam to the UK cycle, outdoor and snow markets.

The Bandit is a 4K HD action camera with a built-in media server, so users can edit video without having to download it first.

“We have wanted to be involved in the important Action Camera market for some time, but only when the right opportunity became available,” said 2pure MD George Bowie. “The TomTom name is recognised across the world, and the brand has an unrivalled reputation for innovation, quality, and user-friendly products, so I am confident that the TomTom Bandit Action Camera will satisfy a real need in the market.”

Andrew Stocks, sales & marketing director at TomTom Sport, added: “TomTom has achieved great success with recent introductions into the Sports channels, and with the market knowledge and experience that a specialist distributor like 2pure can provide we are confident that this success will continue within Action Cameras. 2pure is already working with the right dealers that we want to be with, and they will be able to provide the focus that we need to establish ourselves in this competitive market.

  • "The Bandit's most interesting feature is that it will automatically, intelligently find the highlights in the hours of video you've captured and edit it together into a reel containing only the awesome stuff. It does this using a whole bunch of sensors, including GPS and gyroscope." STUFF

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