Core Purpose/ To build businessesby adding value in ways whichimprove the experience of allparticipants in every interaction.


2pure is a distribution business focused on adding value to the brands we bring to the active lifestyle market. Every brand has it’s own DNA and we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate this to the UK audience. Founded in 2006, our aim is to build business by cultivating close relationships with everyone we work with: colleagues, suppliers, brands, businesses and consumers. We have streamlined our portfolio over the last six years and we are very proud of the brands we represent. We have achieved our strongest brand mix to date by staying true to our core purpose and core values.

Core Purpose

To build businesses by adding value in ways which improve the experience of all participants in every interaction.

Core Values


When presented with a challenge, rationalise the solution so that it is simple to follow and simple to communicate. This does not mean it is simple to achieve. Make it easy to work with us.

Be Honest, Be Brave

Make decisions, be concise and deliver on these decisions. Do not be afraid of difficult conversations, be honest and to the point, transparency is essential.

Accept That There Are No Boundaries

Accept that anything is possible and that there are very few boundaries, never say it can’t be done, work together to find solutions and work round obstacles. We can win, we will win, together.

Strive to build close relationships

Take the approach of providing unquestioned help to colleagues who request it. Work with suppliers and customers who care about the relationship. What goes around comes around.

Create a fun and responsible way of doing business

Believe in people and empower them, encourage ideas, reward execution. Customers, suppliers and colleagues, should have fun working together on execution. 2pure is a business focussed on delivering the financial objectives whilst having fun.

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  • The responsibility of stewarding each brand and communicating their DNA to the UK audience is something we thrive on.
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