Black Mamba

The ulti­mate in dis­pos­able work­shop gloves.

Channel: Cycle
Logo black Mamba colour

Specif­i­cal­ly for­mu­lat­ed from a unique blend of nitrile the Black Mam­ba Glove are designed to be the tough­est dis­pos­able glove on the mar­ket today. Black Mam­ba gloves are 3 times thick­er than stan­dard dis­pos­able gloves, increas­ing punc­ture resis­tance and pro­vid­ing supe­ri­or anti-tear strength. They fea­ture a tex­tured Grip Rite fin­ish for pre­cise con­tact and tac­tile sen­si­tive feel. They are the per­fect addi­tion to any mechan­ics workshop.

These great gloves are avail­able in a brand new Retail Pack form. Each pack con­tains 8 gloves (4 pairs) in ele­gant hang-tag friend­ly packaging.

Black mamba cycle disposible gloves

"The Black Mambas are the best quality nitrile gloves we have used. A useful purchase for any cyclist."