Class lead­ing com­pres­sion technology.

Channel: Run
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In just 3 years, COM­PRESS­PORT® rede­fined the com­pres­sion appar­el market.

Com­ing from a med­ical research back­ground and spe­cial­ist in sports com­pres­sion, their range of prod­ucts is like no oth­er. Com­bin­ing the high­est tech­nolo­gies with the lat­est trends, their aim is to always inno­vate and sur­prise athletes.

In order to pro­vide absolute qual­i­ty, all COM­PRESS­PORT® prod­ucts are man­u­fac­tured exclu­sive­ly in Europe, using Euro­pean yarn, on Euro­pean equip­ment, by Euro­pean specialists.

"Combining the highest technologies with the latest trends, Compressport's aim is to always innovate and surprise athletes."