Urban flavoured lights for trail, run and outdoors.

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Aus­tralian prod­uct design busi­ness found­ed in 2002, Knog prod­ucts are designed in Mel­bourne, but used all over the world. They are the lovechild of co-founders Hugo David­son (design­er) and Mal McK­ech­nie (engi­neer) who start­ed work­ing togeth­er long before Knog, and shared the same design philospophy: to make unbor­ing” things and re-think how these sim­ple — or com­plex — prod­ucts look, feel and function.

Knog are focus­ing on two seg­ments with­in the gener­ic out­door’ mar­ket; Camp­ing and Hik­ing, and Run­ning. The PWR ecosys­tem, wear­able plus and Bandi­coot offer the out­side’ enthu­si­asts a com­pre­hen­sive range from which to pick from for their fun times.

Knog believe urban is an atti­tude; mod­ern, pro­gres­sive, youth­ful, design-dri­ven, dar­ing, and hedo­nis­tic. It’s not the oppo­site to rur­al, or out­back, or back­coun­try – all of which can share these properties.

We believe that as a com­pa­ny, it is impor­tant to embrace new and adap­tive designs and dri­ve these into mar­kets and cul­tures where they can co-exist. At our core we strive to bring solu­tions to prob­lems and with that prod­ucts that have functionality.

With Knog this rep­re­sents the run­ning and out­door mar­ket, and a nat­ur­al choice.