So iLL

Take hold with pre­mi­um climb­ing gear.

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At the Inter­sec­tion of Fash­ion, Art and Climb­ing.

Found­ed by broth­ers Daniel and Dave Chan­cel­lor, the So iLL jour­ney start­ed at high school over 14 years ago whilst sit­ting on a porch of their col­lege res­i­dence. The broth­ers had always felt an affin­i­ty for climb­ing and art and spent evenings prac­tic­ing on their base­ment holds at home or cre­at­ing, and it was at this time a wave for indoor climb­ing began to emerge.

As a fair­ly new sport, the broth­ers noticed the holds, bags and shoes were all the same. See­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty, Daniel and David were inspired to dif­fer­en­ti­ate by bring­ing their love of fash­ion and art to the indoors climb­ing com­mu­ni­ty of South­ern Illi­nois (hence So iLL).

Endlessly creating, the brothers fell in love with their new vocation and spent their entire high school senior years scraping behind the sofa for cash and visiting the chemist’s office with the aim figure out a process to make and pour climbing moulds.

By the time they reached their first year at college, Daniel and David began building and started selling. With no money, they sold some of their own possessions to market their holds through calling cards. Over the years they worked on positioning and product development.

Today So iLL has expanded into an internationally recognised premium climbing shoe and lifestyle brand, which shares partnerships with leading fashion retailers such as TOMS.

At 2pure we are inspired by self-starters who take an idea, incubate and then drive it whilst keeping a vision alive. Not only are the brothers at So iLL an excellent example of this but So iLL represents a brand that we believe speaks to the creative and free side within each of us.

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