Compressport Ambassadors 2019

Posted: Sep 11, 2019

As we move into the 3rd quar­ter of 2019 we reflect on the ambas­sadors we sup­port in part­ner­ship with the brands we rep­re­sent. We’re always hum­bled by their deter­mi­na­tion and moti­va­tion and inspired by their achieve­ments. Meet Lau­ra Watts – an indi­vid­ual fuelled by self-moti­va­tion and a thirst for Ultra Marathon Run­ning and Iron­man Triathlons.

Lau­ra Watts

Why I enjoy my sport: Run­ning keeps me sane. It gives me the head­space to think and it also allows me to eat, a lot! I also love the chal­lenge of train­ing for an event; If you are doing a spring marathon then that is my moti­va­tion for get­ting myself out in the win­ter months in all dif­fer­ent kinds of cold, wet, windy con­di­tions. The feel­ing of ela­tion when you cross the fin­ish line is also addic­tive. I love the cama­raderie of Ultra Marathons – every­one is so friend­ly, and peo­ple look out for each oth­er (we are all going through the same thing).

I love being out­doors and run­ning Ultras has allowed me to see so much of our great British coun­try­side. I also real­ly enjoy the chal­lenge that each event brings, espe­cial­ly as I push myself to run fur­ther or do some­thing out of my com­fort zone. The Iron­man is a great exam­ple of this. There was a time when I had nev­er par­tic­i­pat­ed in a triathlon, where I could only swim breast­stroke and had nev­er rid­den a rac­ing bike with clip-in shoes. That didn’t stop me and so I took swim­ming lessons, bought a bike and start­ed cycling. I threw myself in the deep end, lit­er­al­ly, com­plet­ing my first Iron­man UK in July in 14 hours 41 minutes.

Aims for the year? It’s been a busy year so far hav­ing done the Brighton Marathon, Lon­don Marathon (dressed as Won­der Woman), Three Forts Chal­lenge, 3 Marathons in 3 days in June (Part of Sus­sex Trail Events Marathon Mad­ness Series), Iron­man UK and most recent­ly the Ken­net and Avon Canal Race which is a 145 Mile Ultra Marathon from Bris­tol to Lon­don and was the win­ning female and 8th over­all! Next I recent­ly took on the UTMB in August and look for­ward to the Toot­ing Bec Self-Tran­scen­dence 24-hour track race in Sep­tem­ber (along with a few oth­er marathons which I will use as train­ing runs).

For 2020 I have obtained the qual­i­fy­ing stan­dard for the tough­est footrace on earth, Bad­wa­ter 135 which is a 135-mile Ultra Marathon in Death Val­ley, USA in July. I will be apply­ing for that in Jan­u­ary next year, so fin­gers crossed I get accepted!

Expe­ri­ence of Com­press­port prod­ucts so far? I have been wear­ing Com­press­port since I start­ed run­ning Ultra Marathons as it is the best, most high-qual­i­ty brand. When you are push­ing your body to its lim­its you need com­pres­sion cloth­ing that is going to work with your body and not let you down. The Com­press­port prod­ucts I’ve used so far are of out­stand­ing qual­i­ty and I love bright colours so my calf sleeves, arm guards and visor are per­fect for me!

My Com­press­port Trisuit which I wore for Iron­man UK was just per­fect, just the right enough amount of padding for 112 miles on the bike but super light­weight for the run, plus it looked great with a splash of pink which is impor­tant too!

Some­thing I would like to share: In March 2018 I was diag­nosed with Stage 2 Skin Can­cer and had an oper­a­tion to remove the melanoma and some lymph nodes in my groin. A few weeks lat­er I got an infec­tion in my groin and con­tract­ed cel­luli­tis and was very ill, result­ing in an emer­gency oper­a­tion leav­ing a hole the size of an orange in the top of my leg. Can­cer cells had also spread to my lymph nodes so now I have to have a scan (CT / Ultra­sound) every three months to keep a check on this. Thank­ful­ly and so far, the melanoma has gone and there has been no fur­ther spread. 6 weeks after the oper­a­tion (when I was in hos­pi­tal for a week), I ran Cen­tu­ri­on Running’s South Downs Way 100 Mile Ultra Marathon, against my surgeon’s advice!

My mot­to is Nev­er, nev­er give up’.


Insta­gram: @laura_runninggirl

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