C.A.M.P/ Innovative & lightweightoutdoor equipment

C.A.M.P. Outdoor

C.A.M.P. is a leading company in the outdoor gear industry (Concezione Articoli Montagna Premana) and its history dates back to 1889, beginning in a small wrought iron workshop in Premana.

Comprised of three brands - CAMP, CASSIN AND CAMP SAFETY - C.A.M.P.‘s products epitomise lightness and performance, along the lines of the ‘light and fast’ motto of contemporary alpinism.

CASSIN offers high performance, high end speciality equipment whilst C.A.M.P SAFTEY products are easy to use and solution led.

With its 125 year-long history of work and passion, faithful to its roots, C.A.M.P. is now led by the fourth generation of the Codega family, staying true to the authentic mountain culture forged amid tradition and innovation.

As a company we pride ourselves on our being faithful to our roots through hard work. We are led by innovation and built around a family core, C.A.M.P in many ways offered a parallel philosophy alongside leading edge products - something that we value.

Find out more about C.A.M.P and their products at: www.camp.it/homeoutdoor.aspx