FIZAN / First to market.Made in Italy. Since 1947

Fizan Outdoor

First in the world. The aluminium ski/ mountaineering poles were developed by Domenico Fincati in Italy under the brand name FIZAN. A Man of vision, he was the first in the world to produce ski poles using aluminium when steel or bamboo were the normal material used, “the rest is history”.

Over the following years and decades, continual investments in technology, research and development has helped Fizan to become a world leader in the ski and trekking pole market. Passion and pride in quality and design has kept the company loyal to its roots; in the Veneto region (one hour from Venice). Over the last 15 years, this passion, heritage and innovation has been led by Nephew Andrea Zaltron who says,

“Our “Made in Italy” production is part of our ethos with regard to caring for the environment, using only the best raw materials in accordance to European standards of quality and safety.”

The poles are renowned as some of the lightest and durable in the world, to ensure a high level of comfort and performance for all walking, trekking and mountaineering adventures.

With more than 60 years of experience and millions of ski and trekking poles sold throughout the globe, Fizan products are of the highest quality and reflect our commitment to embracing brands who invest in research, design and innovation - attributes that encapsulate our company ethos.

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