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Icepeak Outdoor

ICEPEAK is a Finnish brand established in 1996 and born out of a vibrant municipality in Lahti, Finland - a place renowned for hosting the Nordic World Ski Championships the brand started off developing its ski/ snow collections.

Fast forward and ICEPEAK has already become one of the most important sports clothing brands in Europe offering active technical sports clothing, snowsports clothing and outdoors inspired lifestyle clothing.

Although the brand has diversified into different categories they have stayed true to their roots; each of the collections each have their own unique alterations with bold fun styles, simple functionality and comfort at the core.

The brand offers a range for the whole family: for the young, the young-minded and even for the youngest – all over the world.

ICEPEAK believe that doing sports and enjoying the great outdoors are best together with friends and family - no matter the weather or season.

By bringing one of the strongest European Ski/Activewear brands to the UK market we hope to continue to unite experiences that matter - no matter what the market climate.

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