LOKSAK/ Leakproof and AirtightWaterproof bags

Loksak Outdoor

Ready to meet the next great challenge.

Founded in Naples, Florida, by an avid-SCUBA diver, the founder of LOKSAK brainstormed for many years on how to create a leak proof and fully waterproof bag that could keep his electronic and personal items safe from water.

The outcome of this dedication and research was the aLOKSAK, the only resealable and completely waterproof storage bag. It soon became apparent that the aLOKSAK did much more than protect its contents from water, earning recognition for element-proof protection, adding dust, humidity and air to its list.

As technology and product development advanced, further possibilities and applications came to light, in 2006, storage bags impenetrable to odours were released to the market. OPSAK durable range found a place in the camping industry, general home storage and within forensics to keep samples free of contaminates. Shieldsaks were then introduced to protect and keep credit cards mobile phones, tablets and computers safe.

Today LOKSAK sells internationally to consumer, military, government and forensic departments to keep items safe and free of contaminates.

Taking an idea, turning into a concept and then growing it into an established and reputable business for the benefit of others is something that we admire at 2pure. LOKSAK is a reputable leader in it’s category which bridges many of the channels that
we are active in and believe that it offers a unique proposition to the UK market.

Find out more about LOKSAK and their products: www.loksak.com/