Mulebar/ a brand of naturalenergy products for sport

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At Mulebar we believe there is no energy like natural energy which is why Mulebar is made from 100% natural, seriously tasty ingredients.

Mulebar makes energy bars, energy gels, fruit pulps and protein bars for exercise and everyday needs. Their products are natural delicious and have a high nutritional value. Mulebar is committed to environmentally responsible fair trade. In becoming a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, we donate 1% of our revenue to the following organisations: Ne jetez plus, Mountain Riders and Mountain Bikers. These organisations are very active in alpine preservation.

Natural, delicious, traditional, recognizable, ethical, involved, mouthwatering, and delicious.

Here at Mulebar, we love to eat! We love eating good quality food and we know that in order to make high-quality food, we have to choose the best ingredients. Put simply, MuleBar exists today thanks to our dedication to creating the highest quality energy products using only the best ingredients. Often, we create our recipes based upon an ingredient that we’ve fallen in love with, or following a delicious meal we enjoyed over the weekend, or thanks to a memorable encounter during one of our trips around the world.

“All natural” is our catchphrase—the healthier you eat the better your body will feel!

All our products are Vegan and 80% are organic.

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