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Built for the mission.

Founded in 2000, Mystery Ranch has a heritage which spans four decades and is rooted in function, high quality and comfort.

Owners Dana Gleason and Renee Sippel-Baker met in 1978 at Kletterwerks – a company which designed specialised carry systems for cameras and electronic equipment. Following this success Dana and Renee founded Dana Design in 1985, a company which would be recognised for industry standards in load carriage technology including the ArcFlex internal frame – the first pack system that integrated several materials to maximise the benefits of each for exceptional load transfer. The brand became renowned for comfort and function.

Prompted by the need for capital to expand to wider markets and manage the growing company, Dana and Renne sold Dana Design to K2 Corporation in 1995. Realising there was still opportunity in product development, Dana and Renne began to design hip sacks – the beginning of what would become Mystery Ranch’s patented lumbar wrap, and the designs for the NICE frame and SATL would soon follow.

In 2004, Mystery Ranch began a relationship with the military that would significantly alter its business model and design strategy. The company moved to a direct sales model in order to focus on designing products for specialised customers in the military, wildland fire, backpack, hunting, and mountaineering.

Today Mystery Ranch is a global brand, which continues to build backpacks and
everyday bags, keeping user-centric designs at the heart of production.

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