POC Snow/ Inspired design.Class leading performance.A breath of fresh air to the market.

POC Snow Snow

POC is a Swedish company build on a strong mission; ‘to do everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about.’

Something magical happened ten years ago; ideas for products, technologies and concepts that had only been dreamt about became a reality and POC, the small, Swedish, passion-fuelled company, took its first steps into the world of snowsports. Out of the blue and the undoubted crown jewel of POC’s first year, was Julia Mancuso’s gold medal winning performance for the USA at the Turin Winter Olympics. Following this landmark moment, POC’s white helmet and goggles were popping up on slopes all around the world, giving POC a flying start in the world of gravity sports! Since that day, POC
has been blessed to work with some of the best athletes in their field, including X-Games medalists and World Champions, not forgetting the likes of Jeremy Jones and Aaron Blunck who inspire thousands and take their sports to a whole new level.

To mark their first ten years, POC has created an Anniversary Collection of products in Hexane Yellow.

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Find out more about POC and their products: www.pocsports.com