QALO/ Functional Silicone Sports Rings

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A committed life built on bold adventures and fearless living.

QALO sports rings were founded by Ted Baker and KC Holiday, two individuals who loved to work out at the gym, surf and rock-climb. During these activities, they noticed their wedding bands were too bulky, uncomfortable, would chip and get pinched, so they looked to create a functional alternative – a symbol of commitment that doesn’t interfere with an active outdoor lifestyle.

With a dedication to functional design the duo focused on creating a practical wedding ring with the right balance of quality and feel. Made from high-quality medical grade silicone, the sports wedding rings are guaranteed to be durable and flexible. They are hypoallergenic and temperature tolerant as well as being resistant to oil and petrol.

QALO believe that marriage and family are not limitations, but the essential pursuit of the best in life and their products are designed for everyone; from mechanics to athletes who might want to protect their hands from injury.

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