Run Gum/ Be alert.Focused.Energised... Faster!

Run Gum Run Outdoor Wellbeing

Alert, Focused and Energised…Faster! Energy when you need it most, to maximise performance.

Developed by 2 x Olympian Nick Symmonds and Coach Sam Lapray to maximise their performance on the track, Run Gum has been formulated alongside expert nutritionists and athletes to create a revolutionary product that combines the best energy boosting and maximising ingredients for faster absorption - without the artificial ingredients found in standard energy drinks, such as sugar and aspartame.

Run Gum, like 2pure share an unshakeable commitment towards a common goal - to inspire culture and provide amazing products. Both Run Gum and 2pure were founded by passionate individuals with a personal approach at the core. We believe that Run Gum reflect the passion, determination and drive to help everyday athletes and individuals from all walks of life achieve and accomplish more.

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