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SOLE Multi Channel

Your life. Pain Free.

SOLE is a Canadian company founded in 2001 with a mission to make a positive impact to people lives.

The company first started developing a solution to foot pain when they noticed confusion around the number of different products available, combined with orthopaedic insoles and shoes having an overtly medical feel about them and lacking in fashion. They also noted that they were not manufactured to be environmentally friendly.

Innovative and adaptable, SOLE set out to design footbeds that offered comfort as well as being truly effective at reducing pain and fatigue for everyone. By investing in research on injury prevention and performance the latest models of SOLE Custom Footbeds reduce plantar fascia strain by up to 34%. SOLE’s unique shape and mould-optimised materials are embedded in every pair of footbeds and footwear, offering customised and natural support for every customer.

Today, SOLE is inspired by the potential for recycled materials in its products, using recycled wine corks as the primary material in a key footwear line as well as a growing number of products. Natural cork pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and locks it away, making it an excellent replacement for petroleum-based materials.

A grassroots employer, SOLE embraces volunteering and charity programs with organisations that focus on health, fitness, climate change and social responsibility. This, combined with a desire to provide a functional solution to an everyday problem is why we at 2pure see SOLE as a unique and valuable brand for the UK market.

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