Sprindex/ Coil Spring Rate Adjustment for MTB Suspension

Sprindex Cycle

Sprindex is an innovative new system for coil spring MTB shocks that allows the rider to adjust and fine tune spring rate without the need to change the coil. Coil shocks are widely regarded as superior to air shocks for rear MTB suspension, but have always lacked the adjustability of their air shock counterparts. Until now.

Sprindex is a shock upgrade available in 3 different spring sizes (to suit different shock lengths and riding styles) and completely replaces the existing coil spring. The Sprindex adjuster sits within the spring with spring rate adjusted by a simple tool-free twist of the dial. Importantly, this adjustment doesn’t change the length of the spring and does not change preload and sag. Spring rate is identified by a printed number on the spring making adjustment simple and intuitive. The product is compatible with the majority of coil shocks from all the leading suspension manufacturers.

Sprindex is born from the riding and engineering expertise of Carl Windfordner Richie Schley, Frank Hermansen, Andrew Herrick who were fed up of the limited adjustability of coil shocks, impeding the performance benefits of coil spring suspension.

2pure are delighted to bring the brand to the UK market, helping drive forward technical developments in mounting biking, a sport at the very heart of 2pure.

Learn more about Sprindex and their products at: www.sprindex.co.uk//