Tiger Tail/ on a mission tomake muscles happy everywhere

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Tiger Tail is the number one supplier of massage tools in the USA, and are set to do the same here. All Tiger Tail products are easy to merchandise and create an impactful presence in any retail environment. Tiger Tail USA is on a mission to make muscles happy everywhere. Their products help relieve sore muscles, speed muscle recovery and help reduce stress and tension. Portable foam roller and other knot buster tools offer self-help muscle compression, trigger point release and dynamic stretching. Tiger Tail massage tools are used by many of the top physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and physio professionals around the world.

New For 2016, The Classic 18” foam roller - Perfect for personal use, it works great for both upper and lower body work. Helps relieve muscle knots, aches, cramping, spasms and stiffness. Quickly massage any part of the body without getting down on the ground. Firm design—no bending or breaking. No hard cold plastics. No spindles or beads. No pinched skin, pulled out hair, or snagged clothing. Works on all muscle groups including neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads. The 18” is the best-selling size and works great for personal massage.

Find out more about Tiger tail and their products: tigertail.co.uk