TSL OUTDOOR/ Innovations founded in a history of snowshoeing

TSL Outdoor Snow

Founded in the heart of the Alps Thones (France) in 1981, TSL began the revolution through modernising the snowshoe.

Inspired by the original wooden snowshoe (invented over 10,000 years ago) the TSL models have undergone decades of refinement and improvement aimed to blend modern designs and materials into a market leading snowshoe. Focusing on carefully designed contact points,flexibility, lightness and grip, users can rediscover their natural stride as you walk over the snow.

The innovative Step-in binding systems and UP & Down heel adjustment have not only enabled users to walk on all types or terrain and to explore, they have helped in the development of the snowshoe racing competitions. In 2013 they continued to innovate and develop and launched the SYMBIOZ collection, this moved away from rigid snowshoes and allowed the snowshoe to adapt to the users stride and terrain and make walking more natural. The development and investment in R&D continues today with a new collection due out for winter 2019/20.

Recently TSL looked to develop upon these innovations to include a range of Trekking, Nordic walking and winter touring poles that complement the snowshoes. TSL OUTDOOR are also a leading manufacturer of premium sledges made from high-quality plastic and other materials resulting in the Yooner, one of the best sledges in the market.

As a company 2Pure strive to bring brands to our market to improve the experience of outdoor adventurers whatever their activity and that complement the multi-sport activities many people now undertake. We believe that TSL OUTDOOR exemplifies this in the winter sports category.

Made in the French Alps

Find out more about TSL OUTDOOR and their products: www.tsloutdoor.com