What We Offer

A full ser­vice dis­tri­b­u­tion busi­ness for brands.

We are a full ser­vice dis­tri­b­u­tion busi­ness and offer much more than just sales. It’s the col­lec­tive effort from every depart­ment that allows us to build our brands. Our team is a hard work­ing bunch that tries to fit in some fun along the way. The peo­ple who work here are pas­sion­ate about sport, active liv­ing and the prod­ucts that allow us to do what we love. They have in-depth knowl­edge of our prod­ucts because they use them per­son­al­ly. Whether its sales, mar­ket­ing, dis­tri­b­u­tion or prod­uct serv­ing, we are all work­ing towards the same goal: meet­ing the expec­ta­tions of our brands and their customers.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on being able to offer custom solutions to our brands, whether that be a complete end to end distribution and brand partnership or a sales agency. We’ll work with you on a strategic solution to suit your brand.

We use Elastic as our B2B and merchandising platform. It is the leading B2B ecommerce and digital merchandising solution, which we were thrilled to launch in 2021, offering our retail partners a comprehensive ordering and merchandising tool and our sales team the ultimate sell-in and training tool.

We have a focused sales team with many years industry experience across our three key channels; Cycle, Run and Outdoor. Ask them anything about our products, they know our range inside out.

Over the last 2 years we have developed a number of direct-to-consumer websites for our brands with the purpose of ensuring brand presence in the UK and EU represents the brand locally. We continue to invest in this area and have a dedicated team who develop, maintain, operate, and market each site.

Since 2015 brands have become more exposed on multiple channels and it is our belief that 2pure and our brands have a responsibility to control the narrative and how our brands communicate with the consumer. Amazon, play an integral part of this brand exposure and we work tirelessly with our brands to offer a solution that ensure the position of the brand is aligned with the messaging on all platforms. 2pure had a dedicated team internally that will help brands navigate their way through set up and operating on Amazon.

Our distribution model encompasses a range of areas that are focused on efficiencies and meeting customers commercial expectations.

We have made significant investment to our model and continue to develop and grow our suite of tools and processes, which allows us to provide a high level of service to our customers and vendors and know that getting things right first time is important.

In 2021 we made significant investments in a new Warehouse Management System, and a new B2B platform. As customer needs and businesses change we adapt and stay responsive to new requirements.

  • We operate our own warehouse located nearby our head office.
  • Our distribution team aims to ship all orders received by 12pm the same day on a next day service.
  • We offer a tailored logistic service for those that have specific requirements
  • We aim to meet customers bespoke Value Add and Compliance requirements
  • We are committed to electronic integration both upstream and downstream to drive greater logistic efficiencies.
  • We aim to have the right stock available on hand when you need it and we work closely with our brands to provide this.
  • The team is in constant contact with our brands to share knowledge and information between businesses to ensure we manage everyone’s expectations.

We run an in-house Brand and Marketing team with a variety of skill sets.

We take time to understand your brand. Our method is similar to a branding agency in its approach - detailed and involved.

Brand building and message communication is our goal. We focus on 4 key areas;

  • Development of ambassador and pro deal programs to get our brands in the hands of athletes, guides, coaches, and in-store staff ambassadors.
  • Brand awareness through PR, product placement and advertising.
  • Digital marketing strategy of our D2C sites; SEO, Content Marketing, UK email marketing and social media accounts.
  • Brand presence at key UK events e.g. National Running Show, Cycle Show and The Outdoor Trade Show. We also work with our retail partners to attend a wide variety of local events.

We amplify - not distort.


  • Online and offline trade advertising
  • E-mail campaigns communicating promotions, product and brand news
  • Attendance at major UK trade events that allow up to present our brands to new and existing retailers
  • Design and production of digital product catalogues, merchandising plans and sell-in programs using Elastic.


  • UK specific direct to consumer websites
  • Print and Digital advertising
  • Sponsorship and attendance of key consumer events
  • Product placement and PR

From time to time the products we sell will require servicing or repair. Our highly experienced in-house team provides our customers with first class technical support. All our technical support team have received first-hand training from our brands.

Additionally, we partnered with the amazing team at Scottish Mountain Gear to offer a repair service for some of our specialist equipment brands, helping extend the life of the product, which is good for the environment.

The purse strings and the people who make 2pure go round. Well, they guide us in the right direction and keep us responsible. It is important to have a plan, to measure and hold our teams and brands accountable for their actions. We provide forecasting and reporting for all our brands, which allow us to stay focused on the business plan for their brand.

We have focused on building a solid financial platform to allow the business to continue to grow. HSBC provide us with innovative tools to allow the business to operate and grow, this is a partnership that we truly appreciate.