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We are a full service distribution business and offer much more than just sales. It’s the collective effort from every department that allows us to build our brands. Our team is a hard working bunch that tries to fit in some fun and the odd bike ride or run along the way. The people who work here are passionate about sport, active living and the products that allow us to do what we love. They have in-depth knowledge of our products because they use them personally. Whether its sales, marketing, distribution or product serving, we are all working towards the same goal: meeting the expectations of our brands and their customers.

  • Sales room


We have a focused sales team with many years industry experience between them. Ask them anything about our products, they know our range inside out. Because we choose to work with a small select number of brands we can:

  • Provide a highly skilled and knowledgeable sales team
  • Develop tailored sales tools to grow the business
  • Conduct product & sales training with retailers
  • Maintain an intimate understanding of our customers business
  • Provide specific and regular market feedback to our brands
  • Add value to the process of bringing a brand to market
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Brand Supply Chain

Brand Supply Chain encompasses a range of areas that are focused on efficiencies and meeting customers commercial expectations. Once again, by working with a limited number of brands we are able to provide a high level of service to our customers and vendors. We know that getting things right first time is important.

  • We operate our own warehouse located nearby our head office.
  • Our distribution team aims to ship all orders received by 1pm the same day on a next day service.
  • We offer a tailored logistic service for those that have specific requirements
  • We are committed to electronic integration both upstream and downstream to drive greater logistic efficiencies.
  • We aim to have the right stock available on hand when you need it and we work closely with our brands to provide this.
  • The team is in constant contact with our brands to share knowledge and information between businesses to ensure we manage everyone’s expectations.
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Service Centre

From time to time the products we sell will require servicing or repair. Our highly experienced in-house service centre provides our customers with first class technical support. All of our technical support team have received first hand training from our brands. They also provide clinics to share this expert knowledge with our customers.

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Marketing & Design

The people who spread the word and get the consumers excited about product. Making the most of our marketing budget is our priority. We provide specific marketing plans for each of our brands, these contain a cross section of methods aimed at driving brand awareness and achieving revenue goals.

focused communications to our business customers

  • Online and offline trade advertising
  • E-mail campaigns communicating promotions, product and brand news
  • Attendance at major UK trade events that allow us to present our brands to new and existing retailers
  • Design and production of product catalogues

brand building and the end user

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The purse strings and the people who make 2pure go round. Well, they guide us in the right direction and keep us responsible. It is important to have a plan, to measure and hold our teams and brands accountable for their actions. We provide forecasting and reporting for all of our brands, which allow us to stay focused on the business plan for their brand.

We have focused on building a solid financial platform to allow the business to continue to grow. Clydesdale Bank provide us with innovative tools to allow the business to operate and grow, this is a partnership that we truly appreciate.

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